Crafts and Activities

Heirloom Spoon Necklace

Ten Tips To Boost Creativity

Marble Painting

Rustic Colored Jars

Adorable Easter Lilies

Egg Shell Seed Starters

Stunning Stacked Jelly Bean Centerpiece

Decorated Soaps

Frosted Winter Pictures

Ice Painting

Hot Rods In A Water Bottle-

Ocean In A Bottle Craft


Olympic Torch Craft

Sunshine Crafts

Potato Prints

Homemade Salt Glitter

Fingerprint Flower Bouquet

A "Cheep" Spring Craft

Coffee Filter Butterflies

Easy Centerpieces

Let's Have A "T" Party!

Cross Easter Basket Idea


Crafting On A Dime:  Guest Post On Crafting Outside

Snow Ice Cream

Christmas Puzzle Wreath Craft

Christmas Mice

Remake Old Sweaters Into Hats and Mittens

Autumn Wreaths

Acorn Donuts

Make An Edible Turkey

"Ff" Finger Fish Friends

Ice Cream Treats!

Candy Craft Ideas



Eye and Blood Soup-  A Fun Halloween Activity

Seed Jewelry

Spider Pal Craft

Easy Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Columbus Day Painting

Easy Pumpkin Craft Using Pumpkin Seeds

How to Cure A Birdhouse Gourd?

Popcorn Cake

Hoppy Frog Craft

Pack A Pioneer Lunch

Easy "No Sew" Mermaid Costume

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Easy Stained Glass Windows-  two methods and one to come!

Frozen Nanners

Christmas in July Activity

Yankee Doodle Dandy Hats

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Easy Paper Dolls

Washable Finger Paints for paper or the bathtub!

Easy Kitchen "Tinker Toys"

Wobbly Stackerriffic Dr. Seuss Treats!

Tip Your Hat To Dr. Seuss!

Ka-BLOOM Into Spring-  Use Blooms To Celebrate the Season

April Fool's Day Spills

May Day Card Idea

Peepy Sunflower Cake

Letter Y Craft

Easy Sunflower Craft

Handmade Paper from Jeans and Easy Bookmarks

Easy Stepping Stones

Sidewalk Paints

Easy Peeping Chick Craft

Liven Up Your Egg Hunt...Farm Critters

Buttoned Up!  An Easter Basket Makeover

It's For the Birds:  A Recycled Bird Feeder

Mudplanting...A Dirty Activity

Clever April Fool's Trick

Recycling With the Force
The end result was pretty amazing. Especially, when you consider all these items came from the recycle bin. Force working with me on this one, I had...yes...hmmmmmm.

Bubble Painting
Tired of using a brush to paint-  try blowing bubbles instead!

Gringo Pinatas
Need a pinata on the cheap.  I've got one for you!