Nebraska Tales

Here is a collection of stories from the Heartland. 

Door to the Rails

Rest In Peace


A Nebraskan Barn and Reasons to Move to Nebraska

Nebraska Hay Bales

It's Official  . . .  We are NESTING!

One Week Later...

A View From Powder Creek

A Vintage Nebraska Sunset

A Vintage Nebraska Swim

Tips On How To Cook Morels

An Ode To The Bean...

My Dandelion Runneth Over

Colorful Cabbage

Birds In Pane

TeddyKent Rides A Sled and Other Winter Photos

A Nebraska Winter

And Winter Hangs On...

Happy May Day!  May 1, 2103

Nesting?  Home Is Where You Hang Your Heart

Goodbye Post Office, Hello Pony Express!

County Fair-  Wordless Wednesday

Purple Nurples!  It's Mulberry Season

Drive-In Movies

Chicken Days-  Eggs in a Basket

Oh My Corn!

Swimming!  Summertime in Nebraska-  A Wordless Wednesday Post

The Circle of Life
A life lesson learned on a Nebraska Sandhill.

Eagle's Nest Watch a pair of Eagles live in their nest!  First egg will hatch soon...

Bigfoot in Nebraska

Nothing is as nostalgic and captivating as a good Bigfoot story. Somehow, this character unites me with my children and the place I grew up. It's timeless. I may not live in the Middle of Nowhere anymore or have a creek running through my backyard, but on a hot summer night when the coyotes howl I close my eyes and listen for hidden grunts or twigs snapping under a giant foot.

Nebraska's Forgotten Children

A historic ghost story in Northeast Nebraska and our backyard.