Okay-  I was a little obsessed with the Monkees in my early days.  I find all kinds of connections to everyday events and memories to my life as a Monkee fan.  I decided I should devote a page to the Monkee period of my life... 

Star Light, Star Bright...Wish For Mr. Right

Davy Jones and Axl Rose?  Take a look and laugh!
This has a video from Youtube that made my day.  Laugh- hahaha 

Eating Cereal Like A Monkee:  Love Those Vintage Commercials

Daydream Believer

The Monkee Shirt

Here We Come...
 Monkees in My Head...Writing Topics

Some Interesting Links:
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Peter Tork on My Generation an AARP blip  Check It Out!

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More to come...