Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Preparing for the Holidays: 6 Tips for Hosting and Entertaining

It seems like the summer was just ending and it was back-to-school time, but here we are entering the holiday season already.  If you’re planning to host friends and family for this year’s big holiday gatherings, you don’t need to panic. There are several hacks and DIY tricks you can use to make your holiday get-togethers more enjoyable than stressful. We share six of the best tips for holiday hosting and entertaining here, to help you get planning in plenty of time.

1. Opt for Buffet-Style Meals

There are so many benefits to hosting buffet-style meals! First, buffet-style gives you a good excuse to ask friends and family to contribute a dish to share. Buffet-style also saves you tons of table room because you can place all of the dishes on your countertops and other flat surfaces and leave the table open for decorative centerpieces, place cards, and full plates. Buffet-style also helps your guests choose which foods to eat, so you won’t have to worry about pleasing picky eaters or accidentally putting turkey on your vegetarian cousin’s plate.

2. Add Layers to Serving Stations

Whether you use your counters, carts, or end tables as serving stations, you can quickly and easily add more space by layering. Buy or make cake stands and place food on top while also placing food around the base. You’ll practically double the capacity of your serving stations in no time flat.

3. Keep It Simple

There is nothing worse than having grandiose expectations for your holiday gathering and then feeling disappointment when the turkey is dry or when you have to spend so much time preparing, cooking, and decorating that you are too exhausted or busy to enjoy the main event.
Keep it simple this year by planning a non-fancy menu that includes tried-and-true dishes. Don’t attempt an extremely difficult dish that you had not previously tried to make. It’s also a good idea to consider slow cooking meat so that you have time to prepare side dishes, desserts, and drinks.

Give yourself a break and prioritize. You may not care as much about having the picture-perfect table as you do having mouth-watering food. Choose where to put your energy and give yourself permission to cut some corners or let some things slide this year so you can have a less stressful holiday season.

4. Make the Work Fun

Get everyone involved and share the work to make hosting and entertaining easier for you. Consider inviting friends and family over ahead of the big meal for a decorating party or baking party. Or, host a cookie swap before the holiday so you can ensure a variety of delectable desserts without spending time making all of them yourself.

5. Set up a DIY Holiday Photo Shoot

Don’t forget the entertainment part of your holiday while you are busy preparing for hosting and eating. Since your guests most likely will want to take photos to commemorate the holiday, make it fun by providing props and a photo backdrop. You could make your own, or you could purchase ready-made prop kits.

6. Quick and Easy Decorations

Don’t stress over decorating for your holiday gathering. Instead, make entertaining easy with beautiful, yet quick and easy decorations. For example, grab a couple of glass bowls or mason jars, fill them with water, toss in a couple of floating candles, and make it pop with cranberries. Cranberries float and are perfect for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Dress up a mantel with the hues of the season by adding votive candles and berry garlands or wreaths. Stick to one color palette and group items in threes or by height to make the mantel pleasing to the eye. Add larger candles on stands or in elevated candle holders to add height to your masterpiece.

Make arrangements and centerpieces out of materials that are readily available during the season. For Thanksgiving, use leaves, pumpkins, and pine cones. You also could incorporate other gourds, tree branches, and apples. For DIY Christmas decorations, use greens, branches you trim off your Christmas tree, cranberries, wrapped packages, and ornaments to add pops of color. Candles are a smart addition to provide lighting in dark corners or to set a peaceful mood during the meal.

Hosting and entertaining this holiday season will be a little stressful. But, with the right attitude and hacks, you can spend more time enjoying your family and friends and less time making things perfect and stressing over the food and decorations.

Guest article by Dolly Santos. She is an information junkie who loves researching and learning about new topics. At Dollymath.com she compiles thoughtful educational articles based on her conscientious analysis of available information.

Image via Pixabay by Unsplash


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