Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Simple Potato Stamps

Who says potatoes are only for mashing or frying?

I love the versatile potato, because it is wonderful for simple crafts too! 

One of the ways I enjoy using a potato for crafts is to create stamps or prints.  You can make these as fancy or simple as you would like.  For the preschool crowd, I usually stick to simple shapes and make plenty to share. 

The children love painting with potatoes for several reasons:
  1. You get to play with your food!
  2. You get to choose what shapes you want to use!
  3. The potatoes are generally easy to grip for small hands.
I love using them because they are relatively cheap and I don't have to store tons of special stamps or sponges.

  • To make a potato stamp, you will need a potato and sharp knife.

  • I half or quarter my potatoes, but it depends a lot on the size of your shapes you want to create.

  • Carefully, cut out the desired shape.  Try to keep the shape flat.  If you keep the bottom flat, you will have better quality prints and they will be more consistent.

  • Paint or stamp with your shapes.  I prefer to add paint to the shape and dab it a few times on a scratch piece of paper first.  This will help you get even coverage and a better print.
Happy printing!


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