Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Autumn Wreaths

Autumn is a wonderful time of year to explore the outdoors.  I love to take the children on long walks around the neighborhood.  We find all kinds of leaves, acorns, seedpods, corn husks, feathers, and more.  Nature has a plethora of goodies just laying around for the taking.

I gave each child a bucket or bag to fill with their treasures as we walked.  It always amazes me what the children find or deem valuable enough to keep.  Their loot is carefully chosen and identified.  I delight when a 3 year old can tell if a leaf came from an oak, maple, or cottonwood tree.  It is remarkable how observant children are (if we let them be).

This year, I took our nature walk to another level.

We lugged home our brimming bags of twigs and leaves to create autumn wreaths for their parents.  This let the children display their goodies and create a fun craft.  The wreaths look amazing-  I had the children make me three to hang in my dining room windows!

I love this craft and was excited to see something similar featured in the Family Fun Magazine I received in the mail.  They used colorful fall leaves for their backdrops and the colors really popped as they hung against the rustic barn.  What a great use of nature's bounty!

To make an autumn wreath of your own, you will need the following:
  • sturdy cardboard
  • plate
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • hot glue gun
  • dried leaves, sticks, flowers, acorns, etc.
  • dried corn husks (we saved some from the sweet corn we froze during the summer)
  • yarn or ribbon
Here is how we constructed our decorations:
  • Decide on the size of wreath you want to make.  Choose a plate that is about that size and trace it on your sturdy cardboard.  Take a smaller plate or lid and trace it in the middle of the large circle.

  • Carefully, cut out the circles.  This will create your wreath's base.
  • Plug in the hot glue gun and chose the best corn husks.
  • Glue your corn husks around the circumference of your base.
  • Next, add different elements from your walk.

  • Secure the leaves, sticks, seedpods, etc. firmly with the hot glue.
  • Attach a ribbon or piece of yarn around the wreath so you can hang it.
  • Display your wreath on the front door or in a window.
Do you have any crafts that are perfect for the fall?


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