Monday, May 6, 2013

5 Ways To Brighten Your Day!

For the past few weeks it's been foggy and dreary in this part of Nebraska.  If it isn't snowing, it's cold and damp.  I will gladly take the moisture, but it is May!  I need to let a little sunshine in, if you know what I mean. 

So what is a girl supposed to do? 

Sit and wallow in the shadows?

Absolutely not! 

The weather may be dumpy, but I need to kick Spring into gear-  even if it is only inside the house.  I made a short list of frugal and easy ways I plan to brighten up my day.

1.  Open The Curtains. 

Pull back those drapes or blackout curtains and let the natural light filter in.  Sunlight is important to our natural body rhythms, vitamin D levels, and frame of mind.  Even if it is cloudy, opening the curtains allows you to glimpse outside.  This is the simplest and easiest way to brighten your day!

2.  Clean The Windows. 

Housework?  Yes, because those windows are dirtier than you think.  The glisten a wiped window provides will instantly freshen up any dull day.  It's cheap and takes little effort.  Little finger prints and sloppy dog noses will quickly cover up the sheen in my house, but for the few minutes and little bit of vinegar, it was worth it.  It's surprising how much grime collects on a plate of glass.

3.  Make A Pitcher Of Lemonade or Raspberry Cordial.

I chose to make a food that reminds me of summer so I whipped up a batch of bubbly lemonade.  I haven't decided if it's the pucker of the sour juice, the vibrant color of the yellow rind, or the ginger ale that washes away the blues.  This drink instantly puts a little pep in my step and a smile on my face.  You can easily choose another drink or treat, but choose something that you associate with summer.

4.  Plant Something.

Damp dirt is one of my favorite smells that I have yet to find a scented candle for.  The aroma after a rainstorm or the musk of tilled soil is iconic with renewal.  So if you are like me, with no garden to plant until the temperature rises, what are we supposed to do?  There are several ideas on pinterest for small planters or you can start a few herbs indoors.  I concocted an old pallet I found laying in our basement into a planter for our lettuce and spinach.  I even transplanted some thyme and rosemary for in the kitchen.

5.  Shave Your Legs.

This probably is my craziest way to brighten the day, but the feel of freshly shaved legs makes me think of Summer.  After all that cleaning and planting you will want to take a shower or soak in a hot bath.  If it's warm enough, you can even wear capri's or shorts!  Lather up and wash that dreary day down the drain.

What tips do you have to brighten up a rainy or bleak day?


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