Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Conscious Box Review

Eeekkk!  Look what I had waiting for me at the Post Office!  My Conscious Box!

We recently ran a Conscious Box giveaway on the blog.  If you aren't familiar with the company, they deliver Earth friendly products right to your door.  I loved the concept behind Conscious Box and eagerly awaited my shipment.

I was immediately impressed by the website and array of products that they offer.  I loved the fact that you could choose gluten free or vegan products.  I have several friends who are gluten free and know the difficulties of finding lotions, shampoos, and foods that won't interfere with their health.  I can only imagine the difficulties a Vegan would encounter trying to find products that support their ideology (at least out here in the Middle of Nowhere, Nebraska). 

The site showed products you could order, but Conscious Box also offers a subscription service where you receive a box of goodies every month for $19.95.  (This is what I was given to review and I personally ordered their Earth Day mystery box, but I haven't received it yet.)  Our giveaway was for a FREE 3 Month Subscription worth $59!

The box was a little small, but I wasn't sure what I would be receiving when I ordered.  Some of the best things in life come in small packages, right?  I decided that the size wouldn't damper the fun of opening the box.  I was a little shocked to find another box nestled snug inside the first box, but I would rather have a sturdy shipping container than all of my purchased goods floating along conveyor belts in a Kansas City or Omaha mail processing center.  Plus, the cardboard could be recycled or converted into crafting material.

Once I opened the second box, my eyes were greeted with samples and products from companies that take a more natural and planet conscious approach.  The items were attractively packaged and Conscious Box included a discount card, inserts, and coupons in addition to these received items:  hand soap, laundry detergent, deodorant, lotion, baby food, dietary supplements, snacks, and more. 

Some of the samples were small, but several of the products were larger in size.  I was impressed to receive a nice bottle of lavender laundry detergent, a bar of deodorant, full size baby food items, and a nice bar of soap.  The chocolate covered greens were a little out of my comfort zone, but I bit into it anyway.  After all, it was covered in chocolate!  It wasn't bad, didn't taste too "healthy", and the children willingly took pieces without uttering a complaint.

Overall, opening the box was a lot of fun and very interesting!

I could see how a monthly subscription would be entertaining and a great way to try new products.  I spent nearly 30 minutes going through the contents, sniffing and tasting as I sorted.  I enjoyed reading a lot of the products I received were made in the United States and they offered me a viable option to help my family live a more "green" lifestyle.  I will definitely be looking into other products and offers from Conscious Box in the future.

If you would like to try Conscious Box for yourself, they offered our readers a 25% discount for any monthly  Conscious Box subscription.

Use code: LOVELIFE

Sign up HERE to get a subscription with your discount:


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