Thursday, January 31, 2013

Acorn Donuts

These tasty tidbits are a cinch to make!  Have the children wash their hands and prepare for an easy lesson in the kitchen.  We used our acorns for the letter “A”, but they are also fun for fall or just "because".  I saw these cuties in a magazine awhile back, but can’t remember where.

Here is what you need:

*  round donut holes

*  peanut butter or frosting (check for allergies before using the peanut butter)

*  crushed pretzels

*  broken pretzel pieces for the stems

*  flat plate

*  butter knife

Here is how you form the treats:

Frost the top portion of a donut hole with peanut butter or frosting. 

Roll the peanut butter into a plate of crushed pretzels to coat.

Insert a broken pretzel rod into the top for a stem.

Eat and enjoy!