Thursday, November 3, 2011

"No Shave" November

My husband and his coworkers are participating in a "No Shave" November contest.  The title explains it all. 

Stubble and whiskers are now on schedule for the foreseeable future and razor retailers in our area may see a small decline in sales.  Wives will cringe at the first few bristled embraces and children will be wondering if their fathers are turning into Santa Claus.  Thanksgiving will have to compete with a fresh shave to be the most anticipated event at the end of the month.

Why does this appeal to men? 

I see the obvious benefits of scraping a few minutes off their daily routines.  No more razor burn.  No more embarrassing pieces of toilet paper left behind on their necks in church.  No more nagging about the fuzz left behind in the sink.  Five o'clock shadows will no longer be a worry.

This month of facial hair freedom will allow them the chance to explore their manhood in a whole new light.  I ponder if they are attempting to find a civilized way of crowning an alpha male by seeing who can grow the fluffiest nest on their chin.  Or perhaps the guys are fulfilling a desire to connect with their cro magnon ancestors.  Who knows?

Actually, they are probably just searching for a little amusement and a fun way to compete without the help of motors or gunpowder.

In the spirit of supporting my husband and the secret desire to save a little cash on razor blades, I gave my blessing to his endeavor.  Hopefully, the sprouting mutton chops will awaken his inner mountain man and the desire to clear and conquer the landscape area where I want to create a "prairie garden"-  complete with a small fish pond.  A girl can dream.  Right?

Now, I need to ask the guys if  women can participate in the "no shave" challenge, but I already know their answer...