Monday, October 24, 2011

Seed Jewelry

Harvest is in full swing in these parts of Nebraska.  To celebrate Fall and nature's blessings, we created one of my favorite activities for older children.  We gathered seeds from pumpkins, gourds, corn, Indian corn, and beans to create our Fall jewelry. 

I don't remember where I located this craft, but I thought you might enjoy using some of your pumpkin seeds in a new manner.  The pumpkin seeds work nice for little hands, because of their size and the fact that they aren't as thick as field corn.  I was grateful for something to keep my boys occupied this past weekend and the little girls I babysit adore these bracelets.

Here's what you will need:
  • Seeds!  Use Indian corn, field corn, soybeans, pumpkin seeds, or assorted dried beans 
  • Water
  • Sturdy needles
  • String or floss
  • Food coloring-  this is optional.  To create different colors of seeds, just add a few drops to the water you soak the seeds in. 
Here's how you create these seasonal accessories:

  • Soak your seeds in water until they are soft.  It might take just a few hours or overnight.  Add your colors now if you want the seeds to absorb the coloring.
  • Thread your needle, tie off the ends, and begin stringing. 

  • When you reach the desired length for a bracelet or necklace, tie the ends of the string together to close the circle.
  • Let the seeds dry before wearing, especially if they have been colored.
  • Wear your handiwork!

Here is another post for a  pumpkin seed craft and an easy way to roast leftover pumpkin seeds. 

Do you have any pumpkin or seed crafts?  I would love to find new ideas and resources.


JuJu and Family said...

such a great idea!
Following from the blog hop. Take care!

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