Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oven Lovin'

I knew this day was coming. 

I could feel it.

My oven has been difficult lately.  She has been refusing to light and preheat on occasion and last Thanksgiving she threw a tantrum that delayed dinner for an hour. 

I have been coaxing her along and hitting her with a hammer when she misbehaved.  Now, I am convinced she gave up the fight and refuses to do anything.  I am hoping a call to the local repair man might breathe a little life into her, but that didn't bake the pans of bread I had waiting to throw in the oven.

I needed a quick solution and fast. 

I dug out the large roaster we use on holidays or for big gatherings.  It is technically an oven roaster and allows you to choose the temperature settings.  She can roast a turkey, bake a ham, and keep sloppy joes warm.  It should work, right?

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

I turned the lifting rack upside down to prevent placing the pans directly on the bottom of the roaster.  I was afraid the bottom would scorch or break the glass and stoneware pans.  Ovens use racks for better circulation and I thought I should attempt to keep the baking process as normal as possible.

I baked my bread and it turned out.  You would never have guessed that I resorted to using my roaster!

I have attempted baking a few more things using the roaster.  Tater tot casserole and bread sticks were the next to go in.  Angel food cakes raised and baked to perfection.  Biscuits and cookies crisped inside the small oven.  To my amazement you can bake anything in these things!

The only complaint I have is the speed which things cook and sometimes the edges burn if I am not watching carefully.  I need to turn down the heat and stand close by.  A little tin foil folded over the edges helps prevent burned edges and a little Neosporin helps with the small burns I have on my fingertips.  (The things I do to feed my family...)

Woohoo!  I won't have to solely rely on the crock pot for the next week while I wait for the part to come. 

Do you have any tips for when your stove or oven decide to take a vacation?


Plain Graces said...

Update! My oven is back in business and I have a day of baking planned. : )

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