Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How To Get Checks In The Mail...

Recently, I have revisited positive thinking and gratitude.  Yes, the vision boards and the laws of attraction and all that mumbo jumbo.  It's been talked about on Oprah and even a best selling book called The Secret promoted these ideas.  It's basically a theory that promotes using positive or negative thoughts to attract positive outcomes in your life and relationships.  Positive thoughts yield positive outcomes. 

I know.  It's a little strange, but don't laugh yet! 

I figured it was worth a shot.  What could it hurt?  So there I sat, projecting positive messages about getting "checks in the mail" instead of bills.   I wasn't out a lot of time or money- just a few thoughts.

Over and over I repeated, "Checks in the mail.  Checks in the mail.  Checks in the mail."


Yesterday, I got my checks in the mail!

Here's where you can cue your laughter.  I promise it gets funny and as a friend kindly pointed out, "God has a sense of humor". 

A package of blank checks sent by our local bank arrived in our mail box.  A nice package full of check blanks, deposit slips, and a little bill.  I received 100 freshly printed checks in the mail.

I hadn't ordered any checks.  The husband hadn't ordered any either.  We had just restocked this summer.  We were perplexed and wondering where these checks had come from.

I know they didn't just materialize out of thin air, so I called the bank.

It turns out that I included a cancelled check last week when I made our deposit, because I was out of deposit slips.  I wanted to include all of our account information to make sure our money was properly credited.

The teller assumed I included the blank check to order new ones.

I got my checks in the mail and a nice $30 price tag. 

I needed to remind myself of positive thoughts.  So I guess, even if it did include a bill, I got "checks in the mail"...