Friday, September 9, 2011

Three Signs Your Mother Needs To Update Her Cupboards

I love to tease my mother.  So this post is in honor of her.

We prepared a barbecue for my father's 60th birthday over Labor Day weekend.  I had a good laugh while I dug around Mom's spice cupboard.  I didn't find cobwebs or mice or anything of that ilk.  The cupboards were clean and organized. 

However, I was amazed at the old relics hidden in the corners.

Here are a few antiquities I unearthed:

  • 39 Cent Canning Lids! 

  • $2.29 Barbecue Seasoning-  The camera wouldn't focus on the price tag, but this was purchased before bar codes! 

  • An Allspice Box With A Wonderful Patina-  Do they make spices in boxes anymore?

What's the oldest thing lurking in your cupboards?