Friday, September 23, 2011

Steadfast Steps

Lately, I have been highlighting a few of my favorite blogs.  My friend Sarah publishes a blog about her homesteading, homeschooling, and Nebraska life at Steadfast Steps.  She has posts ranging from recipes to healing chaffed udders.  I hope you stop by and check out her ideas on living a self-sustaining lifestyle.

Here is an excerpt from her bio at Steadfast Steps:

I am a homeschooling, homemaking mom who loves the Lord. I enjoy gardening, baking, caring for my animals, crafting, sewing, reading, and being involved in church activities. My most important job at this season of my life is teaching my children to follow Christ Jesus and setting a good example for them on how to do that. I am also striving to learn to live more off the land and what I can grow or make on my own instead of buying it.
Here are a few of her featured posts:

Do you have any fun blogs you like to follow?