Friday, August 19, 2011

Michelle's Charm World

I was ecstatic Saturday when I stumbled upon a lazy Susan at a garage sale.  I know it's nothing spectacular or special, but I have recently stumbled upon a wonderful idea using this old piece of hardware.  The blog, Michelle's Charm World featured an idea for creating ideal craft spaces.  I don't know if this old gal will turn out as nice, but I am up for an extreme makeover!  No more cans of peaches or stale spices for this Susan.

Look how Michelle worked her magic:

Michelle's Charm World is one of my favorite blogs I follow.  She has a plethora of ideas for the family and educational opportunities to include in your daily routines.  I love her crafts and dedication.  I browsed her blog and thought I would highlight a few of her recent posts that I have enjoyed.   

Drop by and say hello.  Tell her Plain Graces sent you! 

AND THERE'S PLENTY MORE!  Especially, if you like fun ideas and educational resources on a budget.

Stay tuned, I will highlight a few of my favorite blogs in the next few weeks.  What are your favorite blogs to follow?


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