Monday, August 22, 2011


This summer I learned:

It's VERY important to be first player on the Wii.

We had several, and I mean several, days where the big boys would fight and squabble over being first player.  They would argue, call names, and be loud enough to keep the babies from napping.  I began shutting down the Wii at nap time if I heard any bickering.

I don't regret it either. 

The boys naturally gravitated towards legos, the outdoors, or crafting.  As school approached, I encouraged them to review math facts and hone in on their writing skills.  I dug out the old basal's from back in the day and started training.

I did meet a little resistance after I asked the boys to write their first and last names.  An 8 year old boy cried into his folded arms on the kitchen table for over an hour.  He bawled about "daydreams" and more.  I picked my battle and decided to let his parents deal with it.

Here is what an 8 year old put together during one of those afternoon sessions when Mario was banned.  He delved right into a mini assignment.  He wrote, directed, and starred in his own production.  It's entertaining and very short.

Pop your popcorn before watching, you might miss it...


Plain Graces said...

What crazy thing did you learn this summer?

Sarah said...

I learned a lot this summer too ...and borrowed your idea :)