Thursday, July 21, 2011

Horrifying Movies Growing Up: My Top 10

I was inspired by a blog post I stumbled upon the other day.  It was about the author's Top Ten Scary Children's FilmsI agree with a few of her top contenders, but I thought I would add a few to make my own list of spine tingling movies I encountered growing up.  They might not fit into a true horror flick genre, but they instilled FEAR into my young heart.  That's what counts. 

1.  The Goonies

My brother actually cried in the theatre when we saw this way back in the 80's.  We went on to wear out a VHS copy my Aunt gave us for Christmas.  It was thrilling and hilarious, but this movie was loaded with little kid nightmare fuel. 

We had bank robbers, disfigured people chained in basements, dead people in freezers, skeletons, booby traps, and pirate ships.   Don't forget bats, caves, only half of the "Two Corey's", and Chunk doing the "truffle shuffle". 

I will never look at blenders and Baby Ruth candy bars the same way...

2.  E.T.

I don't get the appeal of E.T. as a fun show for children.  It horrified me.  He wasn't really cute, but as aliens go he was adorable.  He was slow, lost, and craved Reese's Pieces.  I have repressed the mean scientists and the possibility of aliens invading Earth inside the closet of my mind. 

I know it's in there, probably hidden among fluffy memories... 

3.  The Wizard Of Oz

Tornadoes, flying monkeys, bad witches, and frightening wizards.  Enough said...

4.  Bambi

I refuse to watch this Disney movie.  My Aunt and Uncle introduced this gem to me and I probably scared them with my reaction.  This was the first time I was introduced to the ways of the world.  Bad things do happen to sweet and nice creatures.  Mothers die and forests burn.  In my sheltered world, this dose of reality scared me.

I won't even go into my deep rooted issue with hunting that I had as a child.  Every Fall, I feel a twinge of regret when I pass deer hung in trees.  Venison doesn't pass these lips and it all stems from one fateful movie...

5.  Poltergeist

I didn't get to watch this beauty until I was about 12 and only because my parents were at work.  I was alone in the house and it was airing on TBS. 

I don't sleep with the television on...

6.  IT

I haven't even watched this bone chiller.  I got the main idea from commercials and that's all it took.  Sewer drains and clowns = FRIGHTENING for a young girl.

7.  Pet Cemetery

This movie viewing experience was a benefit to having friends with older siblings.  My parents would never have let me watch this when I was growing up.  There are so many scary details that I don't even know where to start. 

Creepy resurrected dead cats and children are bad enough, but razors cutting heels under the bed freaked me out.  This might explain my bad habit of storing items under my bed.  Nobody can hide under it! 

To this day, I don't walk by beds-  I jump onto them...

8.  Gremlins

This movie started out innocently enough, but ended horrifically terrible.  Who wouldn't want a cute little Gizmo to keep you company?  After seeing the bedlam unleashed in the background of a town preparing for Christmas, I tend to strictly be a "cat or dog person". 

I viewed midnight snacks in a whole new light after that train wreck of a movie... 

9.  The Night Of The Twisters

Growing up in Nebraska, you have a respect for Mother Nature and her ability to spawn tornadoes that rip across the prairie.  I recalled reading the book this movie was adapted from as a child and my friends adamantly reminded me that it is based loosely on the tornadoes that ravaged Grand Island, NE one night in 1980.

10. Snow White and Sleeping Beauty

I couldn't decide between these two Disney movies.  The antagonists took evil witch to a whole new level.  These movies made me thankful that I am not a beautiful princess with a powerful enemy lurking in the castle next door.

After sharing these films, I am starting to see a pattern of my fears.  What movies did you fear?  Which ones are on your list?


KrazyCricutKid said...

I agree with you on poltergeist and with the Goodies! YIKES!

Plain Graces said...

I don't think I will ever be more afraid than my first viewing of Poltergeist. LOL

Jen said...

Hi! Thanks for linking up! I'm finally getting around to hop. I saw your lovely lemon bar recipe below. Mr. Frugal's favorite treat is lemon bars. Last time I made them they weren't very tender. Maybe I'll try your recipe!

Have a great weekend!

Plain Graces said...

Thanks for the link! I loved participating. I found some great blogs to read.