Friday, July 8, 2011

Eggs In A Basket

Every July, in our neck of the plains, people go a little crazy over chickens.  It's "Chicken Days" in a neighboring town and they devote a whole weekend to the feathered fowl.  Chickens are everywhere. 

Statues line the street, people decked in feathered costumes roam the pavement, banners splashed with images of chicks flutter in the breeze.  The bash starts on "Henoween" with food, games, and entertainment lined up and down main street.  Saturday is marked by a parade, large barbecue, chicken legs, and clucking contests (trust me there are plenty more chicken related contests to enter).  Fireworks boom in the night sky.

The highlight of the celebration, for our family, is the parade.  The boys love watching the floats and fire trucks as they pass.  The tractors putt down main while the Shriners buzz in circles.  Candy is flung and occasionally water is sprayed from a hose or squirt gun.

In honor of this quirky Nebraska festival, I decided to post about eggs.  I like to make these delicious little baskets for a snack or a breakfast on the go.  They work great on those mornings where you have to run out the door to catch the school bus. 

The kids get a kick out of having an egg cooked inside their bread.  I will resort to trickery if it gets my kids to munch on a good breakfast.  It's a meal you can eat with one hand!

Here's what you will need:
  • eggs
  • buttered bread
  • skillet
  • round glass or large cookie cutter (I have used shapes before, but the larger ones work best)
Here's what you do:

  • Heat up your skillet.  You may wish to spray your pan with a nonstick cooking spray.
  • Butter the bread.  You can do both sides, but I usually just do one.

  • Cut a circle in the middle of the bread.  Save the piece to toast later.

  • Put the bread, buttered side down, in the skillet.

  • Crack your egg and pour into the circle of the bread.

  • Gently fry the egg.  Flip when one side is done.

  • Cook the egg through and toast the remaining circle.
  • Serve!
You won't have to worry about having egg on your face with these edible baskets.  How do you like to eat your eggs?


Evan Becky said...

I've seen this done before, but never tried it.

When we have breakfast for supper, I like to brown some sausage (like you would ground beef for tacos) then when its just done, scramble in a few eggs, then eat that on a toast sandwich. Mmmm...

Plain Graces said...

That sounds delish! I need to try that. Thanks!

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