Monday, June 27, 2011

Chicken Runzas

I am overloaded with chores today-  we had a terrible storm sweep through last night.  We were stuck in Sioux City in the Walmart until we could drive again.  I did get my oldest home from his High Adventure, but I think he brought a little of it home with him. 

When we drove into town, all trees and power lines were down.  We barely made it down our street to the house.  My garden looks awful and we have a large amount of limbs down.  I found the worst damage upstairs in the house though.  The wind blew out the screens in my son's room.  Water, leaves, and twigs soaked his entire room.  I had to remove the rugs, bedding, clothing, and I am airing out the saxopohone.  I was cleaning until 2:00 am and have more to do... 

SO I haven't gotten much accomplished on the blog.  Here is a link to my friend's blog-  here is her recipe for Chicken Runzas.  I remember her making runzas way back when and I have never made this variety, but it sounds great.  We like ham and cheese runzas thrown in for a larger variety.

Head over and check out Steadfast Steps.  Here is the link:


Sarah said...

So sorry about your garden I know how disappointing that is - mine was hit with hail last night. Thanks for the link :)

Plain Graces said...

I think next year I am going to diversify the garden. I am hoping to do a little more container gardening to avoid a similar situation...

Hope yours faired better than mine!

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