Friday, May 6, 2011

My Favorite Things

I am a little down today.  It's day two of no caffeine and I am feeling it.  I stumbled upon this picture of my youngest son and one of my sister-in-law's puppies.  I LOVE IT!

It reminds me of the song My Favorite Things  from the movie The Sound of Music I decided to write about the little things that make me happy.  Even though I didn't have a governess who let me wear curtains and hang from trees...

  • Kisses and hugs, even if they are sticky.
  • My husband helping me without being asked.
  • The children's choir singing on Sundays.
  • Snuggling with a baby while rocking him to sleep.
  • Feeling the wet dirt between my fingers and the smell of the earth when I am toiling in the garden.
  • Listening to loud music in the car as you are driving down the highway with the windows rolled down.
  • I love hearing the "motor" sounds escaping from a room full of boys playing tractors.
  • I love the sound of an ice cold diet coke fizzing with clinking ice.
  • Watching the tall grass dance in the wind on the prairie.
  • The smell of autumn in the air and the crunch of the new fallen leaves.
  • New mascara, toothbrushes, and underwear.
These are just a few loves that pop in my head. 

Now, I am preoccupied with trying to get the sound of Julie Andrews singing out of my mind... 

What are some of your favorite things?

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