Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Easy Paper Dolls

I love dolls and frilly things, but boys are my lot in life.  I LOVE my sons, but every now and then I want to indulge in something feminine.  One of my favorite activities growing up was when Grandma and I used to trace my mother's old paper dolls.  We would design new dresses and outfits, sitting at her kitchen table for hours snipping and coloring; planning party dresses and the perfect baseball uniforms for our dolls. 

I still have the old paper dolls we used.  I am guessing they are from the late 50's or early 60's.  These dolls are more kid-like than their traditional Barbie counterparts.  Their attire is gorgeous and makes me wish I could dress for a tea party. 

I am including the templates I drew several years ago for my neighbor's little girls and church group.  I don't have all the dresses and outfits drawn out, but you could easily create your own by using the basic structures.  I prefer colored pencils and thin markers to detail the dolls and their wardrobes, but crayons work well for little hands.

I have adapted the dolls for different activities in the past. 

Here are a few ways I adapted this basic template.  I traced their images onto non-fusible interfacing paper (I think this is the right term), colored them, and used them on the felt boards.  I have pasted the images to magnets and let the children play with their dolls on the fridge.  Remember paper dolls don't have to be plain! 

Here is what you need to make your own:
  • Paper Doll Pattern or paper dolls to trace
  • white copy or printer paper
  • markers, crayons, colored pencils, and embellishments like glitter, flowers, ribbons, etc.
  • scissors
  • glue
  • old cereal box or poster board
Here is what you do:
  • Print or draw your dolls.  As you can tell, I am not a perfect artist.  My dolls have character!

  • Color your dolls and outfits. 

  • Glue the dolls onto the cereal box.  Rub the glue evenly and press out all air bubbles.
  • Finish coloring the outfits and cut out all the clothes.  Make sure you leave the tabs.

  • Cut out your dolls when the glue has dried.

  • Play!
We decorated an empty oatmeal container to resemble a house.  This is where our dolls will reside and be stored in. 

Here are the links to my dolls and outfits:
paper dolls
girl 1
girl 2
boy 1


Self Sagacity said...

I used do make paper dolls. I wonder what happened to them, glad to see themhere. Followed your blog.

Michelle said...

So cute!! My daughter loves paper dolls, I think she likes them more than regular dolls too!

Purple Froggie Clay Stuff said...

Hello, I've been awarded with the Versatile Blogger Award, and now I'm passing it to you! You may visit my blog to receive the Award.. Congrats!


Plain Graces said...

I loved making paper dolls- I don't remember if I played a lot with them, but I spent hours drawing and cutting. There are days when I want the simple toys for the kids...

Denise McDonald said...

Here is another idea for printing the dolls and outfits. Print them out on cardstock. Once they are colored you can have them laminated. Then put the magnets on the back of the dolls. That way they will stay in good condition. I am attending college to get my BA in teaching. I have to do many projects and lessons. I have learned to laminate many things so I can use them with my future classes.

Plain Graces said...

I agree with laminating- especially when they are used in a classroom! I still use a lot of items from when I taught, but I skipped that step when the children created these. Good luck with your future class! What grades are you looking at?