Thursday, May 19, 2011

Breakout Summer!

The school bus just dropped off my boys for their summer break.  I am a bit moody about the whole affair.  I love having the boys home and spending time with them, but I love the structure school gives us.  Those three are rambunctious, noisy boys who enjoy bickering.  What am I to do?

Teddy Kent, the dog, even enjoys summer! 

I am a grump, battling my inner child against the strict mother inside me.  I am the grinch of summer.  I try and try to prevent it from coming, but no amount of planning or signing up the boys for camps can stop Mother Nature.  I have set bedtimes, routines, and a break during afternoon naps.  Our days are predictable and focused. 

Now, I can kiss those times goodbye.

I am being selfish. 

My pity party is hopefully over for now.  I made a list of a few things to look forward to this summer.  I might find the joy of the last day of school hidden somewhere in the recesses of "motherhood". 

I need to remember the joy and anticipation of a lazy summer.  I picture skipping home from school, ginger braids jumping in rhythm, and my dress blowing in the wind.  I think I finally tapped into the excitement of the last day of school.  I am ready to wear flip flops and catch lightening bugs. 

Bring on the summer!

Here are my goals:
  • I am going to romp in the grass and tease my boys during a game of "monkey in the middle". 
  • I will have sons to mow the yard, weed the garden, and run to get the mail everyday. 
  • I am going to read classic literature introducing them to Huck Finn, Captain Nemo, and the Count of Monte Cristo.  I just might torture them with a "girl" book to even out the mix.  I want well rounded boys-  right?
  • We are going to feast on warm picked raspberries straight from the bush. 
  • We are going to fish for trout and camp out in the yard. 
  • I will tell them scary stories by the fire pit and eat burned marshmallows.
  • We will go tubing down the creek and look for fossils in the rocks.
  • I hope to sneak in a few picnics and tour some landmarks off the beaten path.
  • and I know there will be a lot more impromptu fun to come...
What are your plans this summer?


KrazyCricutKid said...

Sounds like fun!!! I still have a curriculum planned for our Summer, so the kids don't go into 'forgetful' mode and we will keep somewhat a schedule, but the fun will be in full swing!

Here is our Summer Bucket list of plans!!

Plain Graces said...

WOW! I read your bucket list and it makes me tired! I think you have a lot of fun items listed and wished I lived closer- sounds amazing!