Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring In A Crock

I was shopping the other day picking up dish detergent and band-aids when I noticed the greenhouse was open and ready for business.  This April weather has been insane and our last snow melted less than a week ago.  I was craving flowers and blossoms.  Naturally, I had to meander through the tent and look upon the first offerings of spring.

There were not a lot of choices, but they were better than nothing.  I stumbled upon these little white chrysanthemums and couldn't resist.  Chrysanthemums are resilient little guys and they remind me of several stories I read growing up.  Plus, I wanted to see if my boys could spell the word...

So I adopted a few and took them home with me.  I picked out a few little blue buds to set off the white blossoms.

I had nowhere to plant our newest additions.  My garden hasn't been tilled and I am not sure if the threat of frost is behind us.  I remembered an old Redwing crock I bought at an auction last summer.  I got it for a steal, because of the crack.  I don't mind a little character and it makes a perfect little planter.  It's the little crock that could!

Momentarily, I got to play in the dirt and plant something.  A tantalizing taste of spring. 

Have you planted anything yet?