Friday, April 22, 2011

Nebraska Product Giveaway!

Here it is. 

A wonderful package of goodies from my favorite home state:  Nebraska!

I have some amazing goodies for a lucky winner.  I am still waiting to receive a few products from companies and individuals, but I will add those to the kitty as I get them.  Are you excited?

All you need to do is leave a comment below, make sure I can e-mail you or find your e-mail from your profile.  The contest winners will be announced July 6th!
To gain additional entries make sure you leave me feedback or messages that say you completed the extra entry.  I will check, but I want to make sure I get every entry.  Please do one or more of the following:
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Here are a few of the amazing products waiting to be sent to a lucky reader:

  • Baker's Candies Melt-Aways      
One VERY lucky person will receive these amazing gourmet chocolates.  It's been a battle convincing my children that they cannot have them.  Our family LOVES these!

Here is a link to their website.  Please stop by and check them out.

  • Kool-Aid packets of assorted flavors.  Did you know that a favorite staple for a lot of children was invented in Nebraska?

  • A bottle of Dorothy Lynch salad dressing will be included also!  This is a wonderful salad dressing that can be used for a lot of recipes that don't involve lettuce...

  • Stay tuned for more to come! 


Sunflower Joy said...

nice idea

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Teresa said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Teresa said...

I follow you on Facebook (Teresa R. Simpson)

Sarah said...

totally love giveaways (especially food) will miss you on the float Saturday :( Have a good weekend!!!

Lenetta said...

Awesome, thanks for the chance! nettacow at gmail dot com

Lenetta said...

I like you on facebook.

Lenetta said...

I follow you on twitter! (I also subscribe in a reader, but that isn't on the list. :>))

mommyof1 08 said...

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Cortney Hunter said...

Following on Facebook!!! :)

mommyof1 08 said...

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Serena Kim said...

Would love to try some =]

cecilia said...

omg everything sounds so good nice to met you and thanks cecilia weaver styles

Holly said...

Thanks for the giveaway! Shoppingholly at ymail dot com

Rachel said...

I love Nebraska! I haven't been since I was a kid. Would love to win!

Robin W. said...

that is so nice of you to be doing this. I hope I win. I have never been outside of Michigan. I want to thank you for your time on this. :)
Robin Whitaker

cecilia said...

scribed to e-mail thanks cecilia weaver styles

cecilia said...

following you on facebook nice site by the way

cecilia said...
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cecilia said...

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Mickey said...

Following you on Facebook & sharing with friends. TY : )

cecilia said...

following with google friend connect also once more thank you for the chance at the giveaway have a great weekend ---cecilia weaver styles

Mickey said...

also subscribed. : )

Melissa Young said...

I follow on e-mail, facebook, twitter, and google friend connect - I also shared your link on twitter!

Anonymous said...

kimmyb76 at mail dot com

Evelina said...

Thank you for your giveaways. It is wonderful

Leslie said...

I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Frugal invitation sent me. Love what I see on your site!!

igroom4 said...

Looks and sound very tasty. Hope I win

Debbi said...

Thank you for the opportunity..debbi zakrajsek

Annete said...

Thank you!! Annete Harris

Annete Harris said...

I subscribed for emails (

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I'm following you on Facebook!

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mamster1 said...

Great idea!! Love it!! I'm going to follow you on FB!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great giveaway! Subscribed to receive emails ( and follow of FB. thanks!

Angela said...

Looks like a great giveaway!

Angela said...

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