Monday, April 18, 2011

Married To A Player?

I am married to a player.  He is always chasing the newest and greatest models, but he still loves HER. 

Here is my rival-  she's not much younger than I am.  We might even be the same age.  She is his newest member of the harem in the mancave.  He has several gals already, but he's a collector and has a soft spot for the wayward Atari.

I can understand his fascination.  She's ready for action at a moment's notice and let's him play with her knobs for hours.  She is able to reset with a switch of a button.  She's open, just waiting for him to stick in a cartridge.  He never hears the word no and occasionally he gets to slap her on the backside to get the kinks worked out.  He doesn't mind her bleeps and blips, in fact he is fascinated by her simplicity. 

What am I to do?  Are there any books available on how to deal with this "other" woman?  Advice?


Joan said...

Love it!!! :)

Anonymous said...


Leslie said...

I love the way that's written.

Sarah said...

Well if you have a Nintendo Wii, you can also buy a lot of the old games for a bunch of different systems. I don't have kids, but my dog gets very upset if my husband is home not paying attention to him. He really doesn't like it when my husband is playing the games and shooting and blowing up stuff. (Loud noises!) Anyway, about every half hour, the dog and I "storm" my husband. We run around the office yelling and jumping around like toddlers. It seems to distract him for a little and give us a little attention. I we had kids, I'm sure they'd do the same thing if they weren't playing. However, I fear they will be joining him and the dog and I will still be exiled! Just think of it this way, there are a lot worse things he could be doing. :-)

Plain Graces said...

That's great! I used to get so mad at him when we first were married. Now, I enjoy getting a little down time. The older boys love to play games, so they get a little bonding time with Dad. I honestly think he has almost every gaming console...It's an obsession. When we are in our 90's I am going to charge admission to the museum of gamers...

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