Friday, April 8, 2011

Here We Come...

I am basking in a spring cleaner's paradise.  I was attempting to de-clutter our bedroom closet.  I drudged through old maternity and prom dresses.  I sorted ties and suits.  I organized gift bags and bows. 

Bows that were covering a pile of old VHS tapes.

This was memory lane gold.  I had home videos from Girl Scout fashion shows, lip sync contests that had me dressed like an Egyptian walking to the beat of a Bangles song, and a 3rd grade "news" project where I did a segment on teeth brushing.  Those were great, but the cherry on top were the old Monkee episodes I had dubbed when they were in reruns on Nick At Nite. 

That was a treasure worth unearthing AND cleaning the closet.

I dusted those babies off and my memories.  I know the theme song by heart and most of the songs the boys ever sang.  I wanted to relive Micky's slapstick comedy and Davy's starry eyes when a pretty girl walked in the room.  Mike's little green hat and Peter's sheepish demeanor were peering over my shoulder, taunting me. Oh-  and the music was filling my head!

I was rearing to go and completely forget my cleaning agenda.  Heaps of old dress slacks and children lit books were plastering my bed.  I didn't care.  I wanted to enjoy a little Monkee action and relax for a few minutes.  It literally has been years since a Monkee episode flashed across my television screen and I was already belting out the theme in my tone deaf voice, much to my boys' disgust, "Here we come, walking down the street..."

I was ready.

Then reality hit me. 

We don't have a VCR anymore!

THAT was the end of that. 

I returned to that old dingy closet and finished my work.

I did turn on a CD of the Monkees greatest hits.  It was the next best thing to watching those old episodes.  In typical Monkee fashion, the music paired up with what I was doing.  As Davy wallowed through the song, I Wanna Be Free, in a little ironic twist I wanted to be free from that closet.  I was Goin' Down fast and I was blaming the whole fiasco of the messy closet on my husband, but It's A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You brought me back from the blame game.  Words filled my house and I yearned to share those videos with my sons.  Finally, That Was Then, This Is Now hit home and I finally succumbed to my fate of no VCR.

The Monkees CD helped me drown my "sorrows" and enjoy a little retro cleaning therapy.  I found my optimistic mindset and am now on the market for a VCR.  There is an auction in town this weekend calling my name.  Hopefully, I will be able to score a cheap VHS player. 

I have a lot of favorite Monkee songs.  I am currently revisiting Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another DayWhat is your favorite song at the moment?  Do you have a fave Monkee episode?


Unknown said...

Oh wow! I had every Monkees episode recorded from Nick at Nite as well... and (like you), I have no way to play those VHS videos...

But now I'm tempted to see if the series is available on DVD!

(That takes me back..)


Plain Graces said...

Thanks Sarah- I had to check Amazon for the DVD's- they do have some of them available. I might have to start putting hints out for my birthday! LOL

Leslie said...

Doesn't Netflix have the monkees?

Unknown said...

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