Thursday, April 14, 2011

Activity Watch That Rewards!

I am a little excited.  Well, maybe a lot!

Last night at Bible study a participant, who is a fitness professor at the local college, was sporting an "exercise" watch (as she called it).  After a few rounds of questions and a few responses, I think I am sold on this idea.

Switch2Health is a company that allows you to earn codes and points for exercising.  You wear the watch and it monitors your movements.  After you have accumulated 60 minutes of activity you earn a code.  You plug in your code daily and earn points to use towards gift cards! 

It might be easier than searching for Swagbucks!  LOL

It's basically bribing your children to move by flaunting games and rewards in front of them. Some days my boys need that little extrinsic motivation.  I could even use some.

I have two sons celebrating birthdays coming up in April and May.  I think I will try these watches and give them as gifts.  I will post more info after I have used them and participated in the program.  I just wanted to share this cool new idea!

I am including a link to the watch so you can see what they look like!  I am ready to spend $20 if it gets my boys excited to be moving.