Saturday, March 26, 2011

Homemade Sport Drinks

Sick kids?  Gearing up for soccer?  Cleaning the baseball cleats?  It's that time of year for us to spend money on sport drinks. 

This month we have been hit hard by a bug.  My middle son has missed over a week of school and we have visited the pharmacy regularly.  I know a lot of other people are getting slammed with sickness and sometimes parents have a hard time getting away to stock up on Pedialyte and other "treats" to help your child.  I have a few fail safe plans that I fall back on if I can't get to town. 

One method I use is jell-o water.  If I don't have Pedialyte in the pantry and I want to entice my children to take fluids.  I make them a fruity drink with jell-o packets.  I follow the package directions, but I don't let it set.  I may put aside some in the fridge for later, but I just let the boys drink the sweetness as it is.  It doesn't need to jiggle for them to enjoy it. 

I do have a  recipe for "sports drinks" if you prefer those.  I rarely make this, but I received the recipe from my neighbor who used to teach gymnastics.  She served this to her students all the time.

Deb's Lemon Sport Drink
1     6 oz. can frozen lemonade
1/2  tsp. salt
1/2   tsp. baking soda
1   qt. water

Mix all ingredients and refrigerate. 

Deb's Orange Sport Drink
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking soda
4 tsp. white Karo syrup
1   6 oz. can frozen orange juice
add water to make 1 qt.

Mix all ingredients and refrigerate.

I allow the boys indulgences like popsicles and Sprite when they are sick.  I am pretty lenient if it gets liquid in their bellies.  I want to keep them hydrated. 

Best of Luck!  I hope everyone stays well your way.  Do you have any tricks up your sleeve for sick children?


Lisa said...

Did you know Sierra Mist is now made with real sugar? That's what I drank when I had the flu.

Plain Graces said...

I didn't know about Sierra Mist. That's great! I like real sugar instead of corn syrups are being used more in sodas again, but I worry my kids think they can drink up because it's labeled "natural". LOL

Hope you are feeling better!

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