Thursday, March 31, 2011

Clever April Fool's Trick

My sons have a big red circle on the calendar this week.  Next to Christmas and Halloween, it's one of their favorite days.  They are among the tricksters and jokers who are anticipating April 1st.  All good pranksters have a master list of prime joke material; and a mother should be primed and ready to get in on the action.

Every year I try to prank the children on April Fool's Day.  I have attached a long string onto a dollar bill and pulled it across the floor.  I have made faux mashed potatoes out of ice cream and caramel toppings.  Pound cake slices, slathered with orange frosting in the middle, masqueraded as grilled cheese sandwiches.  I have made fake spills with dried glue and paint.  Rolled green fruit roll-ups graced our plates as green beans one dinner a few Fool's Days ago.

I think the boys look forward to a new joke every year.  I give as good as I get.  Proactive thinking ensures that I am not always the victim on April 1st.

Last year I had the best practical joke.  It is still laughed and talked about around the dinner table or a game on family night.  It was the easiest and cheapest idea.  I am not sure where I stumbled upon the idea or if I was told about it.  Whoever came up with this joke was a genius in the kid department.

Here's The Trick...

On the eve of April 1st, I filled styrofoam cups 1/2 way full with juice and froze them.  I used styrofoam so the children could peel the cup away if they needed a little help getting their juice.  I let the cups sit in the freezer and chill until a few minutes before snack time.

I "topped" off the frozen bottoms in the glasses with a little more juice.  I put enough juice to cover the frozen part.  The glasses now looked full of liquid juice.  The kids sat down and began to enjoy their snack.  One by one, they each tapped their glasses and thumped them.  A few turned them upside down and one boy even whimpered when he realized his juice wasn't pouring out.  The older boys caught on first, but soon we were all in stitches.  They enjoyed their frozen treat and I pulled a friendly trick that impressed all the kids. 

I haven't decided on how I am going to get the boys and children this year.  I am toying with setting the clocks ahead and see how my boys react when they believe the school bus missed us.  I can't wait to yell, "APRIL FOOL'S!"

What is the best practical joke you have pulled?  Are you planning anything for April Fool's?