Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bubble Painting

We have been blessed with a blast of winter and the children are cooped up and ornery.  I was hoping spring was officially here, but these 4 inches of snow prove me wrong.  After playing Ring-Around-The-Rosey and London Bridge until my throat and bumper hurt, I decided to unleash the paint.

Painting is one of our favorite past times in this little part of Nebraska.  It will keep the children contained and creating for hours.  They love to mix the colors, try different techniques, and fill page after page with images from their imagination. VERY fun.

We have used water colors a lot this winter and I didn't want the mess of acrylic paints.  I decided to "bubble" paint.  You mix a bit of liquid watercolor paint, a teaspoon of liquid dish detergent or hand soap, and water in a large shallow bowl or pan.  Be creative and swirl different colors together and name the "new" colors. Tap into your inner Jackson Pollock and unleash the passion.  Mix and give each kid their own straw.

Give each child their own bowl and a piece of paper, instruct them to blow bubbles in their bowl.  They will love this part!  Remind them to blow and not drink. 

Bubbles should fill their bowl in no time.  Take a piece of paper and gently blot the top of the bubbles.  This will leave a circular pattern on the paper.  Keep blowing and blotting until the paper is full.

Change colors if you wish. This will make it more colorful and the colors might mix.  This is an excellent time to discuss primary colors and the color wheel if you feel inclined.

Soon you will have original pieces of artwork!  Enjoy.

I have included a link and image so you can see what liquid watercolor looks like.  You could use food coloring, but that will stain! 


Plain Graces said...

Remember to sign up for the contests and giveaways! I want to make it a success... Happy painting!

Purple Froggie Clay Stuff said...

OMG that looks like so much fun!! Bet the kids had a great time too, making a mess..hehe

Thank you for linking up with us on Show Off Your Crafty Side blog hop. Hope you are able to stop by each week to link up with us.


Plain Graces said...

Bubble painting is always a favorite way to pass a dreary day. Who doesn't love bubbles?

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