Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Plain Graces

I want to see the intricate details of life and the simple graces that God has blessed me with. I want to look at things differently and see more than a pile of dirty laundry or a yard that is an inch to tall. My soul longs to savor all the moments when I tend to get swept up in the hectic race of activities and work; leaving me frazzled and unable to appreciate the goodness in these moments.

I revamped my blog to include tidbits on faith, family, and food. You may think I really like the letter F, but I strongly believe that they go hand-in-hand. What is the point if you make a chocolate cake, but can't enjoy it? My posts will vary from week to week, but whatever decides to spring forth will be something I find interesting.

I will throwback to the good ole' days. Homemade isn't really that much work and I want to recapture the simplicity and quality of life that it has to offer. I promise not to make you forage for black walnuts. I only make my sons fight the squirrels for those, but I will encourage you to try making bread, soap, and maybe even "put up" some tomatoes from the garden.

God created all these fascinating facets of life and sometimes we just need to slow down or adjust our line of vision to appreciate the PLAIN GRACES.